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Packaging materials and raw materials for producing packaging means

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  • Celluloses, pulps
  • Polymers - hoppers
  • Additives
  • Papers
  • Cardboards
  • Boards
  • Textiles and woven materials
  • Single-layer films of plastics
  • Multi-layer films - laminated
  • Multi-layer films - coextruded
  • Aluminium foils and sheets
  • Steel foils and sheets
  • Packaging nets
  • Printing plates and forms, chemicals
  • Printing inks for printing and coding of packages
  • Handles
  • Bottle closures
  • Glass closures
  • Glues for packaging machines
  • Binding tapes
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Cords, strings, ropes and nets
  • Bundles-rubber bands
  • Fixing means of paper and board
  • Dryers and corrosion inhibitors
  • Metal and plastic shields
  • Binding clips and seals
  • Closing, fixing and auxiliary packaging means - other
  • Clips for sewing cardboards
  • Edge protectors
  • Clips, bag closures, binders
  • Heat shrink films
  • Stretch films and hoods
  • non shrinkable plastic films
  • Cushion and filling materials
  • Materials ans special gas for protective packaging
  • Tube closures
  • Protective covering
  • Foils and plates foamed- expanded plastic
  • Bubblewrap, pluriball films
  • Other product
  • Other packaging means
  • Oher raw materials


    Only Czech Republic - Only Slovak Republic - With addresses - With products - With short desc. - With long desc.

 - TAVOUER s.r.o. Domestic and international moving service. Flats, houses, offices and big buildings moving. Complete moving service. International moving. Installation, assembling and disassembling of furniture. Complete packing service. Rent and sell of the boxes for packing. Car transportation. On-line price calculation. We have also e-shop with packaging materials - cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, plastic crates, adhesive tapes, strech film etc.

    Fatra, a.s. Fatra, a.s. is one of the biggest processors of plastics (PVC, PE, PP and PET) in Central Europe. Firm produces and supplies: for food industry - foils, BO PET films and laminates, thermoformed packaging, plastic crate; for building industry - waterproofing membranes, vinyl flooring and PVC floor covering, extruded profiles, boards for refrigerating panels; for fancy goods - boards, soft PVC foils; for shoemaking - PVC granulate. For hygiene and health service manufacture breathable films and laminates, bed quotations, hose, etc .; for consumer industry - foils and sheets from HDPE EVAC PET, injection products, thermoformed packaging, table linen, plastic crate; for automotive industry - injected products, PVC granulate, plastic profiles. Inflatable toys. Protective plastic plugs - protection of winding rolls. Regranulate, regranulation.

    OBALY UESKO s.r.o.

    ZLP s.r.o.

    TART, s.r.o. TART is a leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials and packaging machines to the Czech Republic and Central European countries. The company´s assortment also includes goods in the field of Sunflex building reflective foils and Cortec anti-corrosion materials.

    GNP s.r.o.

    TBA Plastove obaly s.r.o. Supplier plastic packaging products.

    VALLOS s.r.o.

    SPUR a.s.

    Ales Podhorský

    DOPLA PAP a.s. Producer of plastic and paper fod containers

    TECHNOLOGY s.r.o.

    Tip Paper spol. s r.o. Our main line is production of paper sacks in various sizes and modifications. Besides, we also sell square bottom paper bags and carrier bags with handles. In the main we supply small and medium sized companies.

    Kuruc Company spol s r.o. produser of moulded, recyling beverages cartons, paper recycling technology, PUR package

    FORTE MYJAVA s.r.o.

    UNIPAP a.s. UNIPAP Company is the packaging producer. We give a more to our customers than the other packaging producers and it is our Leading company philosophy. We give a real responsible partnership in packaging assurance.

    CHEMOSVIT, a.s. A private joint-stock company, which has 20 subsidiaries settled in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Ukraine. The company disposes modern devices and technologies for the production and converting of flexible packaging materials.

    RONEX, s.r.o.

    BRANOPAC CZ s.r.o. BRANOPAC CZ belonging to the group Antalis is a supplier of industrial packaging Czech Republic and Slovakia. We specialize in complex corrosion protection - the VCI products, export packaging, fixing, filling and cushioning materials, packaging machines, 3D packaging and bespoke packaging. We offer complete packaging solutions for producer, processing industry, e-commerce.

    ALLPACK s.r.o. Corrugated packaging producer, provider of complex packaging service, other packaging material supplier


    Oksal s.r.o.

    Pavel Mikulka-LPM , Poradenstvi a výroba obalů z plastů


    Zavrel Petr We are company that produces and buy-out the wooden pallets.

    ALEDETO s.r.o. Sales of flexible packaging materials - (BOPP, OPP COEX) - for the packaging machines. Sales film for lamination printing. Flexible packaging. Laminates, tear tapes and materials without printing is printing. Dyed and metallized BOPP packaging and PET. Printing and lamination to order. Digital jobbing PRINT flexible packaging, labels, WRAP AROUND LABEL, SHRINK SLEEVE LABEL, wallpapers and corrugated cardboard.

    MATUL s.r.o. The company Matul, Ltd. produces wooden packaging, it means massive and plywood boxes, atypical pallets, cages, formwork, all goods according to the customer requirements quickly and with high quality. All our products match the requirements of the IPPC ISPM No. 15 for the treatment and marking. Our products are suitable for all types of intranational and international transportation by truck, aeroplane and ship. We also sell treated and marked sawn wood.

    BVV FAIR TRAVEL travel agency

    OBAL CENTRUM, s.r.o. Obecně: *ISO 9001:2001, *UN homologace *hygienický atest *certifikáty *IBC kontejnery 600 - 1000 l, *Stacionární PE nádr?e a? 5000 l, *nádoby, *plechovky, *sudy, *kanystry, *dózy, *lahve, *boxy, *přepravky, *rozpra?ovače, *uzávěry, *kbelíky, *palety, *kartony, *folie, *pásky, *ohřívací plá?tě k IBC kontejnerům i sudům, *UN homologace, *ADR, *obaly, *obal, *balení

    Peter Kollarik - KOLLT Peter Kollárik ? KOLLT has been established in 1996. During the first year of its existence it dealt with purchase and handling of packaging materials for florists´ and with further distribution. Nowadays we realise our business activities at the Slovak and international market focusing on the product Cellophane foil - PRIESVIT P , BOPP TATRAFAN? - ON, ONM, KX, and EXTRAFAN ? ONM, Pe ? shelf foil. PRIESVIT P ? a sort of cellophane supplied for several meat-handling companies in Slovakia, but it is also of our main concern abroad. The main aim of our business activities is an honest and faithful approach to each of our business partners and to be able to fulfil their demands always on time.

    Rostislav Mahdal - ROSMA

    Strojbal s.r.o. Strojbal company is engaging in the manufacturing of wooden containers, shipping boxes, shipping crates, industrial packaging, wooden pallets, lumber and building special purpose machines. Strojbal is on the market for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in this field.

    ROLOFOL s.r.o. ROLOFOL Company Ltd. is a manufacturer Fixing Film Rolofilm ?, posing in May 2013 without a doubt the top European quality. As one of the first in Europe began ROLOFOL produce Rolofilm? XT method that allows the production of excellent, high-quality fixation tape from a thickness of 5 ?m. Films Rolofilm ? XT and bring in great packaging material and financial savings. Rolofilm ? XT - P are top of the food transparencies designed for direct contact with food (European certificate issued by Commision Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14 th January 2011).

    Grammage / Katarina Tvrda

    NeOmA s.r.o.

    D PLAST a.s.

    Mondi Bupak s.r.o.

    KUDA PACKAGING We are providing stapling, nailing, box closing technology, technical support, staples of JOSEF KIHLBERG, DAMET and MEZGER brands. KUDA PACKAGING is also providing of czech and slovak packaging information resource It provides databases of packaging companies, organisations, events, offers/requests, jobs, articles and discussion board.

    Akart CZ spol. s r.o.

    Obaly Vysocina s.r.o.

    M.NAVY, s.r.o.

    Rajapack s.r.o. The Raja Group of companies has over 50 years of experience providing businesses with outstanding service and the most extensive range of high quality packaging of any catalogue. Rajapack is a subsidiary of the Raja group which employs over 1.240 people, serving over 500,00 customers across the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

    WrapCo s.r.o. Wholesellers of gift packaging. Gift wrapping papers, bags, shopping bags, boxes, ribbons, cellophane,splendor foils and other accessories. Gift packaging for companies and individuals.

    MEOTIDA TP spol. s r.o.

    GRANITOL akciova spolecnost We are the largest manufacturer of blown PE films and PP strapping bands in the Czech Republic We produce LDPE and HDPE films, carrier bags, sacks, bags, and PP strapping bands for construction, food, the chemical industry, agriculture, automotive production, and hygienic disposables production. We can print mono-layer films and co-extruded films inline on both sides in 3 colours and offline in up to 8 colours on a wide range of material specifications.

    KEKO TRADING spol. s r.o. Import and wholesale of antistatic materials as Gloves, bags, shoes, garments, Wrist Straps, Heel grounders, Chairs, Mats,Soldering, Tools

    EUROPLAST, s.r.o.

    PROFIBAL Jihlava s.r.o.

    Duropack Turpak Obaly a.s. DUROPACK TURPAK OBALY a.s. Is the producer of the most extensive range of corrugated board products in the Slovak Republic, and producer of a broad range of packaging made of this exceptionally enviromentally friendly material. We will be pleased to help if you need large transport and folded packaging with three-colour or die-cut packaging with four-colour flexografic printing. We are ready and looking forward to your communication.

    Petr Žak PZrecyklink

    Obaly Dirmax

    Fromm obalove systemy CZ s.r.o.


    IDA servis s.r.o.

    MORAplast s.r.o. The Firm produces packaging and technical mouldings of expandable polystyrene and polypropylene.

    BETAZ s.r.o.

    Fipack s.r.o.

    HV print s.r.o.

    PVD - Talasek s.r.o.

    glue+more, s.r.o.

    EMBA, spol. s r.o. We hope these pages will offer you the very information you are looking for. Besides the assortment offered here, we also manufacture to order. We produce and deliver right to your door: Archive systems Our complete range of short-term and long-term archiving utilises the advantages of board produced in an alkaline environment, which protects your documents and other archive records perfectly. Boards We produce solid board of 750 - 3000 g/m2. The manufactured board boasts special qualities according to the sphere of use and will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Packages We produce packages from both solid and corrugated board depending on our customers' requirements. Our boxes are suitable for the packaging of all kinds of loose and solid objects, made from various materials. The boxes can also be used for the packaging of metal objects, foodstuffs, and frozen goods. Silk-screen printing is available. We will be pleased to discuss the choice and construction design of your packages.

    GRD servis, s.r.o.

    Frimark CZ,s.r.o. Vacuum packagings machines

    BONUS HK, s.r.o. Company BONUS HK was established in 1993. Since the establishment it became step-by-step an exclusive representative of several European producers for the Czech Republic and Slovakia mainly in the area of packaging materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, in the area of technologies and machine equipment for glass industry.

    Bohemia Trade CZ s.r.o.

    NOVPLASTA CZ, s.r.o.

    TOREX Bohemia s.r.o. The manufacturer of ribbons and hand-tied bows for confectionary and cosmetic industry

    B.I.F. - Velkoobchod a výroba obalů

    FOLPET s.r.o.

    M.J.Maillis Czech, s.r.o.

    ANCORA PRAHA, s.r.o.

    PRESS KF, s.r.o.

    Denipack , Denisa Vlckova


    Jan Kolar - FOLIE, PLACHTY

    POLYSACK ICT, s.r.o. The company delivers packaging foils in maximum eightcoloured print made of PE and PP for wrapping machines with the guarantee of quality. Bags, packets and sacks are made of printed films on the base of film made from LDPE, HDPE and MIX.

    Technology Morava, s.r.o.

    OBAL PRINT, s.r.o. We are producing boxes, eye-catching packages (made of board and corrugated board or boxboard) luxured with 5-coloured offset print. Printing hugesheet posters in size 100 x 140 cm. Glueing the board with corrugated board and cutting in size 100 x 140 cm. Different types of sticking and completation.

    FEPO-europalety s.r.o.

    Pavel Kubat - výroba obalů

    Martina Strolena, UNIOBAL Josef Michalek

    VISCOFAN CZ s.r.o.

    Velkoobchod Jiri Kraetzer

    NITRAGOLD spol. s r.o. Nirtagold Ltd., was founded in 1993 as a production and trade company with foreign investment. We bought new extruders and other machines - rewinder and welding machine and we widened our range of products - refusal sacks with or without closing tape, shrink film, agricultural and building foil, foil on rolls, sheets . Buying a new coextruder opened a new possibility in the production of packing materials from three-layer foil. Nowadays we process about 800t of polyethylene per month. The foil is produced in maximum width of 5m and the following thicknesses: ? HDPE foil from 0,006mm up to 0,07mm ? LDPE foil from 0,015mm up to 0,2mm The foil is further treated into the final products: dust sheets, rolls, bags, sacks. Our standard products ?foil on rolls, folded sheets made of LDPE and HDPE have a broad range of applications in building, industry, agriculture, etc. Nitragold Ltd., is a customer-oriented company, which respects the demands of the market, produces high quality products.

    E.L.Z.E.T. Olomouc s.r.o.

    EKOZ DomaRlice

    EuroGlass Group s.r.o. EuroGlass Group is a private limited company based in the Center of Europe. The core business of the company is glass packaging trading. The main locations of the business are Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Canada.



    KART Zlin s.r.o.

    Amiwell Int. s.r.o. Production of package technique, blister, selling of electro-components

    Dusan Magyar - SLAVBIZ

    ECOFOL, s.r.o.

    Kosmea 2000, s.r.o.

    CYKLOPACK, spol. s r.o.

    Petruzalek s.r.o. The company Petruzalek is importer and distributor of manual and automatic packaging machines and wide range assortment of packaging materials. It was founded in 1966 in Vienna. Today has branch offices in 11 European countries. In 2003 were all Petruzalek parts bought by Italian production company Sirap-Gema. SIRAP-GEMA is one the biggest producers of polystyrene trays in Europe. That´s why concern Petruzalek can itself mark and sort to leading European producers of plastic materials, available offer to customers wide range of packaging material. From the end of the year 2006 has our group new member, production group Amprica, significat italian producer of plastic products for food.

    V-PLAST, s.r.o.

    LightGate a.s. Supply of holograms, holographic foils ( hot stamp, demetalized) and holographic scratch foils. Supply of worldwide patented property marking kits. Online tracking and registration of property. Marking and online registration and tracking of products. Holographic pascaging materials , shrink sleeves with holohrams, holographic blisters Screen printing inks RF EAS antitheft marking of goods in supermarkets, warehoused etc.

    EXCOLO s.r.o. Sales of materials, services and devices in packaging. Design and realization of packaging for export, placing and attaching of goods for transport, including expert opinion and training.

    Pavel Pavlik-Eko Morava recycling of plastics; construction of playgrounds; manufacture of furniture for the contract

    Colorservice s.r.o.

    GOLD PACK spol. s r.o. Company GOLD PACK spol. s r.o. produces polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE) foils and foil products. We produce foils of a thickness from 0,012 mm (HDPE) or 0,02 mm (LDPE) to 0,180 mm and in width from 130 mm to 2600 mm as tube and semi-tube or with gussets. We can make 4 colours printing, ionization, UV stabilization, antistatic finish, slip or anti slip finish. From foils we produce garbage sacks rolled (with tightening band too) and non rolled, bags for palletising, shrinking bags and small sacks.

    QWEST CZ, s.r.o.


    GLOBALFOL s.r.o.

    Hefei Bajin Trading Co.,Ltd. We specialized in anti-static products and high temperature tapes.In details ,we sell ESD rubber mat , polyimide adhesive tape(kapton tape) , anti-static wrist strap( foot grounder), anti-static coat, Auto adhesive tape dispenser and so on.

    kArtpen s.r.o.

    ExBal s.r.o.


    EPK Teknika Co., LTD. Our company is the leading supplier of packaging machines, tools and materials since 1988. EPK Teknika Co., LTD. is the Ukrainian subdivision of Teknika USA Inc. We produce PP, PET, cord and steel strapping tools, PP strapping, seals, edge protectors, food grade PVC stretch (cling) and shrink film and distribute many kinds of packaging machines and materials and the price scales.

    IPACK s.r.o.

    ZERO a spol, s.r.o.

    PUTO, s.r.o.

    TRIV - stahovanie export packing of personal goods

    BALTECH, spol. s r.o.

    Tirupati Inks Limited Tirupati Inks Ltd. is the upcoming leader in the formulation of state-of-the-art printing inks and coatings for the world wide graphics/printing and flexible packaging industries. Incorporated in 1999 and located in Kanpur, India,, Tirupati remains a family owned and operated company. Throughout its history, Tirupati has earned the reputation of providing innovative, novel solutions to challenging inks and coating problems presented by the ever changing converting and printing industries. Tirupati services a broad and diverse international graphic arts and flexible packaging market consisting of printers and other converters, using gravure and flexo application processes, inking a wide variety of substrates. The low VOC solvent base and water product line offered, exhibits a wide range of properties providing functional inks and coatings. Committed to customer service, Tirupati is staffed to effectively partner with customers to provide satisfaction and exceed expectations. Continuous improvement linked to a quest for quality has resulted in a steady supply of reliable, consistent products. Centralized manufacturing and research are located in Kanpur, India, with a supportive second manufacture- ing site in Jammu, India. Product shipments are made from these and other strategically located warehouse centers. Accomplished research and development, and technical field support capabilities are maintained, as is a technically oriented sales representative group. LOOK TO TIRUPATI! Positioned through experience, focused by commitment for the 21st century

    BEMA Lanskroun s.r.o.

    R.F. Obaly s.r.o.

    HANA s.r.o

    ms packaging Individual and batches packaging into thermoshrinking film. Packaging lines msm-sb designed for individual and batches packaging of alimentary and industrial products into thermoshrink film. assembled from msm-moduls following customers requirement complex solutions of packaging systems binding on production lines packaging feedback to storage management

    INTRIS s.r.o.


    A.A. Potistene lepici pasky s.r.o.

    HORT - inRenýring, ing. Karel Hort

    Slovakor Industry a.s.

    Colognia press a.s.

    SELECTRA spol. s r.o. Selectra Ltd. was established in the year of 1994. The main activities of the company focus on international and domestic forwarding services, as well as services related. The company´s head office has been situated in the town of Decin since its foundation and branch offices in Prague and Pilsen. Considering the issue of constantly changeable market environment, the management of the company realizes a great demand for permanent increase in the quality of provided services. An active implementation of new technologies also aim at exceeding the expectations of our clients. One of the main objectives of the company has been to assess the quality of the service in accordance with ISO 9002 standard. A certificate audit was carried out in May 1999, resulting in obtaining the quality assessment certificate from RW TÜW association, Essen, Germany. In the year of 2001 was carried a recertificate audit, Selectra Ltd obtain a certificate ISO 9001:2000. The management of the company shall intend to fulfill the goal to increasingly satisfy you, the clients of our company. We do wish to achieve this by means of: - high standards of our services reliability - flexibility in dealing with requirements - counselling and logistics solution proposals - introduction of new communication technologies - high degree of competence and involvement of the staff We shall be able to carry out all your deliveries ?door to door? due to the contracts concluded with our partners all over the world. We do believe that our staff shall fulfill all, even the most challenging demands of yours!

    Dasym s.r.o

    FEIFER - kovovýroba, spol. s r.o. At present, the company FEIFER belongs to the leading European producers of strapping and foil wrapping systems. We offer broad assortment from simple hand tools to complex automatic lines, all our customers are provided our free consultations about possibilities of designing their packaging or conveyor systems, we provide guarantee and after guarantee services for all our products, we buy and sell used and repaired wrapping and strapping machines. FIRM ASSORTMENT: hand, pneumatic and electric strapping tools, including accessories, semi-automatic and full-automatic strapping machines, shrink tunnels and foil wrapping machines (semi- or full- automatic), automatic carton sealing machines, pallet stretch wrapping machines, conveyor systems (gradient or with gear), polypropylene straps, polyester textile straps, polyester welding straps, self adhesive tapes, steel seals, steel and plastic buckles, metal processing on customer´s demand and special one-purpose machines. In case of further questions please contact us on above mentioned telephone numbers or visit our web site ( We look forward to you!!!

    VABA PLUS-TRADE, s.r.o.

    THIMM Service k.s.

    Miloslav Kulhaj-KARDO

    MANUTAN s.r.o.

    ALDA TRADE, s.r.o. - obalove materialy a obalova technika

    PENTA - SERVIS, spol. s r.o.

    Drevo complet s.r.o - Výroba: drevene obaly, bedny, palety - Prodej: rezivo

    Select-JMC spol. s r.o.

    Andrea Švestkova - ARIES - pila BRANTICE

    OPEX obaly s.r.o.

    Eracom spol.s r.o.

    Kadlec Štefan - Výroba obalov z plastov 

    Obchodni Tiskarny, a.s.

    THIMM Obaly, k.s. THIMM Obaly offers process-optimized packaging solutions using corrugated cardboard from brown transport packaging to high-quality printed retail packaging.

    Josef Parenica

    Miloslav Vlk s.r.o. Woodwool

    FINBAU a.s.


    MIRO PLAST Cizek, s.r.o.

    ABALEX, s.r.o.

    LEHOR, s.r.o. Founded in 1998, Lehor ltd. is the only producer in the Slovak market of roll-on closures designed to seal glass bottles. Lehor´s dominant activity is production of aluminium pilfer proof roll on closures of type 28x18 mm, with the color lacquered surface, optionally lithographed, having a security tear off band off perforation and separable polyethy- lene liner disk. Since 1999 in co-operation with foreign partners, we extended our standard product range (predominanted by the plain type 28x18 mm) by wide variety of aluminium roll on closures. New closures types of diverse dimensions and additional post manufacturing were intro- duced. At individual request, we can produce aluminium closures containing an inscription or embossed mark, even closure with different type of sealing liner. Our experiences and business relation with producers of glass, etiqu- ettes and designers do contribute towards our customer´s satisfaction. Our key to success is good quality, completeness of delivery as well as flexible delivery timelines. In addition to high level quality and variety in bottle closures supply, we can also provide maintenance and technical advice on bottling and closing technology.


    PEMAR spol. s .r.o.

    DAPE spol. s r. o.

    BLATINIE a.s.


    JK plast

    BDK-SK spol. s r.o. We offer LDPE films for packing lines, flat, semitubes or tubes, width from 150 to 3000 mm, thickness from 0,02 to 0,20 mm, mono or koex-films, antislip, antistatic, UV resistant, printed to 8 colors. Further we offer LDPE and HDPE sacks and bags, rolled, flat or blocked, for food goods, for paletizing, garbage bags ...


    IKAfol s.r.o.

    Level Pro a.s.

    South Bohemia Star

    THL Group s.r.o.


    potisk pasek s.r.o. Company "potisk pásek s.r.o.", is specialized in printing on self-adhesive tapes and demarkate tapes (non-adhesive).

    KARSONA - DM s.r.o. - výroba kartonaRe

    Vohringer engineering We are the the manufacturerers of the PET bottle blowing machinery and the filling lines. Our production programme: * PET Stretch-Blow Moulding System up to 2 or 10 Liter - Packing for Trend-Products, Events & Promotions * Production-Line for Cans and Boxes * Fillmaschine * PET Bottle Truck


    MD LEVEL s.r.o.

    BOHEMIA-PACK Slaný s.r.o.

    Jehlarova Alena-ALKA


    SdruReni chranených dilen Vrbno pod Pradedem

    Profi Pack s.r.o.

    Josef Dostal-DOMIKO

    Odra trading spol.s r.o.

    Jan Bolech

    EKOBAL, s.r.o. The company is specialized in the sale of materials and equipment for pallet and group wrapping of the goods.

    LOGIS průmyslove obaly, a.s.

    FARDIS CZ, s.r.o.

    BALPACK s.r.o.


    BRNYNSKS DRUTYVA, výrobni druRstvo

    KROSS, s.r.o.

    Model Obaly a.s.

    SCHNEIDERSÖHNE PAPIER Praha spol. s r.o.


    invos , spol. s r.o.

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