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 Stapling specialist
 Czech staples and
 staplers resource.
 Slovak supplier of
 staplers and staples.

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Services, education and research

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  • Advising and consulting activities
  • Repairs and service of machines
  • Associations
  • Exhibitions
  • Leasing for the packaging industry
  • Waste recycling, waste removal
  • Waste recycling
  • Waste disposal
  • Combustion
  • Testing
  • Technical standardization Institutes
  • Research, developent
  • Universities and technical related schools
  • Contract packaging and fulfilment
  • Manufacture of individual packaging equipment
  • Marketing services for packaging industry
  • Inserting and sticking attachments
  • ISO Certification and auditing


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    INISOFT s.r.o. software for waste, packaging and ecology

    Vyssi odborna skola obalove techniky a Stredni skola

    KUDA PACKAGING We are providing stapling, nailing, box closing technology, technical support, staples of JOSEF KIHLBERG, DAMET and MEZGER brands. KUDA PACKAGING is also providing of czech and slovak packaging information resource It provides databases of packaging companies, organisations, events, offers/requests, jobs, articles and discussion board.

    EKO-KOM, a.s. EKO-KOM is packaging recovery organisation in Czech Republic. EKO-KOM is licensee to use the mark GREEN DOT on the Czech market.

    Richtr D Co., s. r. o. Packaging ? an independent professional printed and multimedia periodical for the packaging industry, transport and logistics. Scope of activity: Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. It is published in Czech (summary in English) with a circulation of 3000 to 5000 copies, with direct distribution to directors and managers in decision-making positions. The periodical contains analyses, reports and information about technological news. An inseparable part is advertising space for suppliers in the specified branches. Besides, the editors issue a regular electronic Newsletter every Monday, containing the latest information from the packaging industry and related branches.

    CIMTO s.p. CO I0OI, AZL z0NE

    Stredna odborna skola RuRomberok

    Svaz průmyslu papiru a celulozy

    Odborne uciliste a Prakticka skola Brno

    A 2z, s . r.o.

    SYBA obalova asociace

    Stredni průmyslova skola  

    Dom techniky ZSVTS s. r. o.,

    ZdruRena stredna skola polygraficka, Bratislava


    BRNYNSKS DRUTYVA, výrobni druRstvo

    M.I.P. Group, a.s.


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