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Weighing machines

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  • Labeling and weighing machines - labeling scales
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    PM - Vahy

    TECHNOLOGY s.r.o.

    UTILCELL, s.r.o. UTILCELL s.r.o. has been founded in 1994 and distributes the load cells and electronic display units for weighing and measuring force and mass and accesorries for the correct application and installation of this. The other main task is to give technical support and know-how for the solution of complex projects of our clients.

    NOMATECH s.r.o.

    Mgr. Leona Meindlova

    AGROMEGA spol. s r.o.

    Rajapack s.r.o. The Raja Group of companies has over 50 years of experience providing businesses with outstanding service and the most extensive range of high quality packaging of any catalogue. Rajapack is a subsidiary of the Raja group which employs over 1.240 people, serving over 500,00 customers across the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

    DITES, spol. s r.o. The main activity of our company is design, production, and installing of automated systems for controlling of technological processes with specialising in automatic weighing and batching lines, transport and evidence of raw material and production processes with sequential control, including projection, realisation, complete reconstruction of electrical distribution parts. Besides control systems, we are also involved in the production and assembly of technological scales.

    ASTRO Vlasim spol. s r.o. ASTRO Vlašim spol. s r.o. involved in the packaging and food technologies since 1992. From the outset, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The main program of the delivery of complex, yet highly reliable solutions in the field of packaging and food technologies. Our facilities are working in many small, medium and large companies both in Europe and in Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

    Calibra CZ, s.r.o. We are a sister company of M/s. Tonava a.s. based in Úpice, which is certified by ISO 9001:2010 and its roots date back to the year 1894. The main fields of activities of this company are the manufacture of scales and weighing equipment, designs for new product, development and custom metalwork. From year 2002 we provide for the company Tonava a.s. sales, service, installation and calibration products.

    NETTO Electronics, s.r.o. Exclusive representation and service SOEHNLE Professional GmbH & Co., SNOWREX International Co., Ltd. SHINKO DENSHI Co. Ltd. Industrial scales and weighing systems. Medical and laboratory scales.

    AGRO CS a.s.

    VERVA-Tech s.r.o. VERVA-Tech Company Ltd. the design, manufacturing and supply company providing comprehensive logistics solutions and equipment for technological, interoperation and freight forwarding of different types of materials and goods in a wide range of industries. Mainly it is a dynamically developing company in the industry, with rich and valuable experience in production and development of transport and handling. We specialize in belt conveyors, roller conveyors and conveyor systems design in modern manufacturing and logistics processes.

    EKODAT CZ stroje obaly folie s.r.o.


    KADLEC, s.r.o. - vahy Opava

    Schenck Process s.r.o.

    Ing.Lubos Sobotka

    Petruzalek s.r.o. The company Petruzalek is importer and distributor of manual and automatic packaging machines and wide range assortment of packaging materials. It was founded in 1966 in Vienna. Today has branch offices in 11 European countries. In 2003 were all Petruzalek parts bought by Italian production company Sirap-Gema. SIRAP-GEMA is one the biggest producers of polystyrene trays in Europe. That´s why concern Petruzalek can itself mark and sort to leading European producers of plastic materials, available offer to customers wide range of packaging material. From the end of the year 2006 has our group new member, production group Amprica, significat italian producer of plastic products for food.

    Ing.Radomir Lesak The company is engaged in sale, service, production scales and weighing systems. We offer equipment for professional use, which are manufactured with an emphasis on quality and durability of the system operation. Our development center is able to propose the weight or weighing equipment as required.

    ATRIMA spol. s r.o.

    KROCEK CZ, s.r.o. - Vahy

    VELS - vaRici elektronicke systemy s.r.o.

    KPZ - Vahy, s.r.o.

    R.F. Obaly s.r.o.

    Frantisek Korinek

    Pomlenyi -

    MANUTAN s.r.o.

    Ladislav Janda Nothing

    VAMONT U D D v.o.s

    APPEC ASTRO, spol. s r.o.

    Petr Hepnar - Vahy a vaRici systemy


    STARPACK s.r.o. The Starpack, spol. s r. o. company was established in 2000. Our company found an equal position in a hard competition of packaging machine manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, it overcame the initial mistrust of the market and built needed grounds. It gradually found space at the domestic and the Western-European market after a faint start. It currently also works at traditional Eastern-European markets. The basis of the business strategy of the company is an orientation on production of machines with high reliability, that is machines for a demanding customer. The line was later expanded by machines also for lower outputs in an economic variant, however, the level of reliability was preserved. The company chose the concept of a robust structure of the machine to achieve the stated goals while using sophisticated control systems and modern servo-drives. In the long term, we orient on development of drives of mechanisms which we apply in our machines then. The high reliability of our machines in operation at customers allows us to provide a three-years guarantee for all our new machines and accessories as a standard part of business conditions.

    AMTECO, spol. s r.o. Company AMTECO Ltd. come into being as a consolidation of several firm in the year 1992. Main bearing activities are delivery of machinery and compact technologic nodal point for industrial weighing, charging and pneumatic transport of loose material, with cut-down air consumption. By default are machinery equipt by sensors and control electronics, which are one's own construction and manufacturing. Single elements are variable and their adaptations can be possible along the wishes of consumer and machinery can be equiped with alternative, familiarly used element and systems. Company has project and constructional capacities including evolutionary workroom for electronic systems and special machinery. Firm dispose of specialist from different industrial branch since specialist for development electronic system, special machine, building material and construction till up fire judge construction. This occupation allows, along realization order's, carry on overall analysis solving operational problems from more standpoint. On behalf of questionable places productions are then proposed optimal solution, make up project documentation, and order is realized by forms on key.

    Servis a montaRe vah Decin

    VP Bohemia, s. r. o.


    VSHOSERVIS, s.r.o.

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