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Waste disposal

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    MINOR Plus s.r.o.

    T M T spol. s r.o. Chrudim Conveyors and transport devices. Engineering - design, construction, production, assembly and service of conveyors and transport devices (belt, chain and worm conveyors, bucket elevators, roller lines, etc.).

    Kuruc Company spol s r.o. produser of moulded, recyling beverages cartons, paper recycling technology, PUR package

    Tridas s.r.o. The TRIDAS, s.r.o. company focuses on production of packets, packing materials and moulded fibre. These materials are made of molded pulp and the input raw material used for their production is waste paper. Packets produced by means of this technology are firm and flexible. Molded pulp can be molded into any three-dimensional shape. Products made of molded pulp are used mainly to protect packed goods against impacts and shocks. Their undoubted advantages are low weight, good storability and affordable price. All our products are specially designed in 3D visualizations in order to create the most optimal deformation zones and spatial rigidity. Molded pulp is made of 100 % recycled input raw materials and is also 100 % recyclable. As one of a few packets molded pulp implicitly meets the definition of environmentally friendly and sustainable packets.

    KUDA PACKAGING We are providing stapling, nailing, box closing technology, technical support, staples of JOSEF KIHLBERG, DAMET and MEZGER brands. KUDA PACKAGING is also providing of czech and slovak packaging information resource It provides databases of packaging companies, organisations, events, offers/requests, jobs, articles and discussion board.

    Tomra s.r.o.

    ing.Josef Pipa

    PACK SLOVAKIA s.r.o.

    Intech s.r.o.

    ODES s.r.o. ODES? s.r.o. Jaromer produces and delivers equipment and technologies for waste processing of different sorts. The firm objective is to provide the complete problem solution - including project, production and purchase of individual technological components, deliveries, assembly and technology commissioning up to securing the guarantee and after-guarantee servicing.

    LUX-PTZ s.r.o. Our company provides services in the field of effective waste disposal. Complete systems for waste disposal for administrative buildings, shopping centers, banks, hotels, production facilities, warehouses, recycling facilities and so on, all places where huge quantities of waste have to be disposed off. On the basis of joint projects we choose for you the most effective equipment for all your areas, where waste is engendered, stored or where it is dispatched. Our firm has DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate. Our machines and equipment are of the best technical performance, highest quality, reliability and cost effectiveness. We offer hydraulic one-chamber or multiple chamber baling presses of the LOM series. Pressing force range is from 3 to 50 t. Presses are also used to process waste coming down garbage chutes in high-rise buildings (like multi store apartment houses, hotels, banks etc. To compact waste into detachable containers we offer you stationary pressing plants MP-88. 10 to 30 m³ containers are available. Pressing force is 32 t. A compact ratio of 1:4 (depending on sort of waste stuff) ensures substantial savings on space and transport costs. The above mentioned equipment is made by our affiliated company LUX s.r.o. If the waste disposal project requires other equipment we deliver it from renown foreign companies. For instance we represent in the Czech and Slovak Republic the Kampwerth company, who offers a number of high capacity pressing plants with pressing forces from 13 to 70t. Productivity is up to 30t/h and the bale weight may reach 600kg. LUX - PTZ provides installation, warranty and maintenance of all these machines in the Czech and Slovak Republic. LUX - PTZ s. r. o. may refer to well-known companies like Delvita, McDonald?s, KFC, Kaufland v.o.s., AHOLD Czech Republic a.s., Koruna Palace Václavském náměstí, pasá? Myslbek v Praze Na příkopě, Krajský soud v Brně, new terminal at Prague Airport, MAKRO ČR s. r. o., TECSO Stores ČR, a.s.,ČNB Prague, SPAR Česká obchodní společnost s.r.o. who use equipment delivered and installed by LUX - PTZ s.r.o. You will find us regularly on the ENVI Brno and EMBAX Print Fair in Brno, Czech Republic

    Vohringer engineering We are the the manufacturerers of the PET bottle blowing machinery and the filling lines. Our production programme: * PET Stretch-Blow Moulding System up to 2 or 10 Liter - Packing for Trend-Products, Events & Promotions * Production-Line for Cans and Boxes * Fillmaschine * PET Bottle Truck

    BELTECH s.r.o. conveyr belts

    MAGNUM - NORD s.r.o.


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