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Packaging machines and equipment

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  • Depalletizing equipment for empty packages and transport boxes
  • Palletizing systems
  • Filling and dosing machines
  • Filling and closing machines
  • Labelling devices
  • Coding machines
  • Machines for packaging into film
  • Machines for packaging into film bags
  • Machines for forming, filling and closing of packages
  • Machines for forming, filling and closing of cardboard packages
  • Vacuum packaging machines
  • Machines for packaging with protective atmosphere
  • Machines for group packaging
  • Fixing devices for pallet loads
  • Welding and melting machines for closing
  • Machines and equipment for manual packaging
  • Packaging storage
  • Packaging machines and equipment - other


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    C D C LÍNY spol. s r.o.

    Signopack s.r.o.

    MINOR Plus s.r.o.

    OBALY UESKO s.r.o.

    TERMOLAN CZ Hot melt glue, hot melt systems, service, spare parts, VALCOMELTON, BÜHNEN, Valco Cincinnati

    TART, s.r.o. TART is a leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of packaging materials and packaging machines to the Czech Republic and Central European countries. The company´s assortment also includes goods in the field of Sunflex building reflective foils and Cortec anti-corrosion materials.

    Ales Podhorský

    TECHNOLOGY s.r.o.

    Kuruc Company spol s r.o. produser of moulded, recyling beverages cartons, paper recycling technology, PUR package

    FORTE MYJAVA s.r.o.

    CHEMOSVIT, a.s. A private joint-stock company, which has 20 subsidiaries settled in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Ukraine. The company disposes modern devices and technologies for the production and converting of flexible packaging materials.

    RONEX, s.r.o.

    BRANOPAC CZ s.r.o. BRANOPAC CZ belonging to the group Antalis is a supplier of industrial packaging Czech Republic and Slovakia. We specialize in complex corrosion protection - the VCI products, export packaging, fixing, filling and cushioning materials, packaging machines, 3D packaging and bespoke packaging. We offer complete packaging solutions for producer, processing industry, e-commerce.

    NOMATECH s.r.o.


    Technopack s.r.o.

    TRIAPEX EXPORT s.r.o. Supporting manufacture program of our company is vertical hose-packaging machinery with wide scale of dosers, filling & sealing automatic and semi-automatic lines and frying lines. Most of our customers use the machines for packing of foodstuffs and therefore are machines adapted and tested for use in food industry. Our product strategy is development and production of very flexible and reliable systems on the highest technical level. For that reason our machines work worldwide. Machines of the lowest class from our production by the simplicity of control and advantageous price address plants with lower production capacity or plants that use them for additional packing. Machines of the higher class for their reliability and control comfort are mostly used in non-stop working plants. Highest technical level is reached mainly in multi-row machines, to which various dosers are offered. For packing of loose or pasta goods (proportioned sugar, sweets, spices, milled coffee, mayonnaise, mustard, jams etc.) the doser with the opportunity of combination of classic stick-pack and cross-pack (tetrahedral shape) is supplied. In our assortmen you can find also group-packaging lines for grouping of single products into carton shape and wrapping them with thermally shrinkable foil. Recently we have extended our machine park by unique multilane machine, which offers endless opportunities for packing. Separate lanes work independently of the others; each of them is capable to pack different stuff and could be equipped with different doser. Automatic fillers for pre-prepared covers filling mostly address plants of food industry (filling of non-saturated liquids, jams, honey, spreads, pasties, diary products, sauces, salads etc.). These machines are therefore made of stainless steel and their equipment is fully adjusted to the production?s demands. Our machines of mentioned types work to full satisfaction of both domestic and foreign customers. We believe that we address you with these products, which we constantly keep adapting.


    PRAGOMETAL, spol. s r.o. Production and design of stretch film wrapping machines, conveyors and equipments for manipulation, palletizing.


    MATUL s.r.o. The company Matul, Ltd. produces wooden packaging, it means massive and plywood boxes, atypical pallets, cages, formwork, all goods according to the customer requirements quickly and with high quality. All our products match the requirements of the IPPC ISPM No. 15 for the treatment and marking. Our products are suitable for all types of intranational and international transportation by truck, aeroplane and ship. We also sell treated and marked sawn wood.

    BVV FAIR TRAVEL travel agency

    Rostislav Mahdal - ROSMA

    EKOBAL, s.r.o. The company is specialized in the sale of materials and equipment for pallet and group wrapping of the goods.

    Ing. Rudolf Masek - balici a zpracovatelske stroje Our product lines: Vertical form fill and seal machines Cartoners end load / top load / wrap around / case packers / sleeve Stick Pack packaging machines Sachet form fill and seal machines Shrink wrapping machines ? Tea packaging machines ? Blister and Skin packaging machines ? Vacuum packaging machines ? Machines for filling and closing of paper bags ? Scales ? Auger dosers ? Volumetric dosers ? Dosers for liquids and semi-liquids ? Printers ? Conveyer systems ? Automated packaging lines built to customer specifications


    ROLOFOL s.r.o. ROLOFOL Company Ltd. is a manufacturer Fixing Film Rolofilm ?, posing in May 2013 without a doubt the top European quality. As one of the first in Europe began ROLOFOL produce Rolofilm? XT method that allows the production of excellent, high-quality fixation tape from a thickness of 5 ?m. Films Rolofilm ? XT and bring in great packaging material and financial savings. Rolofilm ? XT - P are top of the food transparencies designed for direct contact with food (European certificate issued by Commision Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14 th January 2011).

    AGROMEGA spol. s r.o.

    NeOmA s.r.o.

    KUDA PACKAGING We are providing stapling, nailing, box closing technology, technical support, staples of JOSEF KIHLBERG, DAMET and MEZGER brands. KUDA PACKAGING is also providing of czech and slovak packaging information resource It provides databases of packaging companies, organisations, events, offers/requests, jobs, articles and discussion board.

    GPS Global Pack Service Our Programme: Engineering, Production Programme for Packaging and Food Industry, Single-purpose machine, Reconstruction.

    Obaly Vysocina s.r.o.

    M.NAVY, s.r.o.

    Rajapack s.r.o. The Raja Group of companies has over 50 years of experience providing businesses with outstanding service and the most extensive range of high quality packaging of any catalogue. Rajapack is a subsidiary of the Raja group which employs over 1.240 people, serving over 500,00 customers across the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

    Rozsypal Zdenek-EKOOBAL

    DITES, spol. s r.o. The main activity of our company is design, production, and installing of automated systems for controlling of technological processes with specialising in automatic weighing and batching lines, transport and evidence of raw material and production processes with sequential control, including projection, realisation, complete reconstruction of electrical distribution parts. Besides control systems, we are also involved in the production and assembly of technological scales.

    BOHEMIA GRAFIA PRAHA BOHEMIA-GRAFIA, Second Hand Printing and Packaging Machinery Corporate Profile The company has been founded through Mr. Jaroslav Javorský (the president of the company in present time) in the year 1989. We are the specialists for East Europe business with big customer base in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. We buy, sell, search and request second-hand printing and polygraphic plants, used equipments and overhold machinery for graphical industry, paper producing and processing, board producing and processing, tissue producing and processing and packaging industry, used and overhold printer machines, book-binding machines, packaging machines, cardboard processing machines, envelop processing machines, extruders, etc. We offer also dismantling and remounting of machines to the buyer on request.

    EUROPLAST, s.r.o.

    PROFIBAL Jihlava s.r.o.

    PAP-PEX SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. PAP-PEX SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. is the only producer of stretch film in the Slovak Republic. With its wide range of products of packaging materials it is considered one of the leading trader with packaging goods. Company operates not only on slovak market but also supplies partners in surrounding countries.


    NATE - napojova technika a. s. Joint stock company NATE - nápojvá technika a. s. was establish by privatization the state company Chotěbořské strojírny and continues in tradition of deliveries of eguipment for beverage plants. The Company supplies complete lines for filling bottles and cans with beverages and other fluids. Own projection, design, production, assembly, service.

    Duropack Turpak Obaly a.s. DUROPACK TURPAK OBALY a.s. Is the producer of the most extensive range of corrugated board products in the Slovak Republic, and producer of a broad range of packaging made of this exceptionally enviromentally friendly material. We will be pleased to help if you need large transport and folded packaging with three-colour or die-cut packaging with four-colour flexografic printing. We are ready and looking forward to your communication.

    Fromm obalove systemy CZ s.r.o.


    ADIS CZ, s.r.o. s.r.o.

    IDA servis s.r.o.

    ASTRO Vlasim spol. s r.o. ASTRO Vlašim spol. s r.o. involved in the packaging and food technologies since 1992. From the outset, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The main program of the delivery of complex, yet highly reliable solutions in the field of packaging and food technologies. Our facilities are working in many small, medium and large companies both in Europe and in Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

    Fipack s.r.o.

    Frimark CZ,s.r.o. Vacuum packagings machines

    AGRO CS a.s.


    Bohemia Trade CZ s.r.o.

    Michal Krejci - PACKSERVIS

    NOVPLASTA CZ, s.r.o.

    Prvni obalova spolecnost, s r.o.

    Jiri Slavik - MikroS

    FROMM Obalove systemy

    ALPAK TRADE s.r.o.

    Toppy srl Toppy srl is a leader company in the manufacturing of machines and truck for various uses successfully sold mainly in Europe. Since 1978 Toppy Srl produces stand alone machines and logistical systems for pallets handling. Our equipments are placed to important pharmaceutical and food companies for the pallet replacement in different applications. We kindly invite you to visit our web site just to have an idea of our range of products. Full literature and information could be available upon your request.

    M.J.Maillis Czech, s.r.o.

    ANCORA PRAHA, s.r.o.

    NORDSON CS, spol. s r.o.


    Technology Morava, s.r.o.


    ATIP, s.r.o. Manufacture of machines and equipments for filling, packing, transport and handling Bucket filling machine, Cup filling machine Conveyors

    LIKOP, s.r.o. The company Likop Ltd. has been working since 1993 and it was formed by transformation of company with Long-time experiences in a field of press coating (including designing and making compression tools). The Likop Ltd. offers a single parts and short-run production of different components and spares in a wide range of material, size and weight of the products. The highly qualified team, which carries on closing technological cycle from turnings and electroerosive metal working, welding, heat treatment to own assembly and carefully control of all these construction entireties which we make. We have developed contacts with customers from important companies of automobile industry, metallurgy, engineering, building industry, wood - working and paper converting industry in Czech and foreign markets. These companies have got high requirements for quality and delivery terms of all realized orders.

    VISCOFAN CZ s.r.o.

    SDCH TRADE CZ, s.r.o.

    Velkoobchod Jiri Kraetzer stroje obaly folie s.r.o.

    Schur Flexible Poland Sp.z o.o.

    STAMAK TRADE s.r.o.


    ROBEX DK s.r.o. ROBEX DK, s.r.o. CENTER OF CUTTING TECHNIQUE, SPECIAL CUTTING CONSULTANCY ACTIVITY, CUSTOM PRODUCTION SINGLE-PURPOSE MACHINE PRODUCTION Established in the field of cutting equipment since 1994. Providing equipment to shearing shops, upholstery shops and up-to-date packaging technology manufacturers. production of laying tables, band saw, cutting machines, textile fasteners, manual presses for upholsters and tailor shops business activities - cutting equipment servicing of all types of band saws and manual cutters for textiles and expanded materials; production of and dealing in cutter spare parts customized production of machines and equipment for textile and clothes production The Company Štěpán Robek - Robex was established on October 12, 1994 as a legal entity specializing in the production of and trading in shearing, cutting, and tailoring equipment for sewing workshops and tailor?s shops. Gradually, the Company?s backbone program oriented on the production of laying tables, band saws, single-purpose machines, on the cutting of various kinds of materials in a strip or with lamination; on transfer machines, expanded material (foam plastic) crushers, and PUR foam recycling lines. During the eleven years of its existence, the Company with its main offices in Dvůr Králové nad Labem developed partner contacts with many engineering companies, thus being capable of participating in joint, projects for the demanding production of customized machines and equipment designed for varied fields of manufacturing. Due to the statutory obligation to adapt double-entry bookkeeping, the Company established and has ever since simultaneously operated ? on March 4, 2005 ? the Company Robex DK, s. r. o., which is mainly active in the area of production, yet takes part in commercial activities as well. As the history of the newly founded company is relatively short, we would like to request that you consider our lists of references from the period when the company was operated as a natural person. Both companies are fully owed by Mr. Štěpán Robek. At present, the Company?s principal activities fall within the fields of trading, customized production of machines for the textile industry, production operation shops for the processing of foam plastics, upholstery shops and many others. The Company has its own designing office, which markedly reduces the costs of production. In the course of its existence the Company ROBEX DK, s. r. o. also assumed responsibilities as a research and development center servicing many branches of industry.

    BEGASERVIS, spol. s r.o.

    INTEGRAF, spol. s r.o. Integraf s.r.o. is a wholly Czech-owned company that has been active in the printing services market since 1992. Since the very beginning of its existence, our company?s goal has been to dominate the market through top-quality service. This philosophy forms the basis of our overall approach to our customers and towards processing orders. Currently, we have 85 full-time employees and approximately 260 part-time employees assisting during printing campaigns. In 2001, the volume of production and associated services reached approximately CZK 124,000,000. Our company operates in three shifts, including Saturdays and Sundays. We have our own transportation facility for delivering products ordered by customers. In May 2002, we started building a new modern printing production unit with approximately 2500 m2 of production area. This new plant will utilize state-of-the-art printing technology and comply with the strictest ecological requirements. Our ultra-modern equipment enables us to satisfy all clients? requirements for top-quality offset printing, bookbinding processing and the production of top-quality advertising materials in a large number of copies within a short period of time. This equipment includes the following machines: HEIDELBERG MOFP+L offset sheet machine ? 5 colours, varnishing aggregate, 48 x 65 cm, 12,000 printing sheets/hour HEIDELBERG SM74 Speedmaster offset sheet machine, 4 colours, 52 x 74 cm, 15,000 printing sheets/hour STAHL 52 folding machine GUK folding machine Delta 520 laminating machine ? hot lamination Uviterm - UV varnishing machine HORIZON 240 binder ? V2 adhesive binding Strati 50 x 70 cm sheet cut-out machine KP62 machine for cutting-out by extrusion POLAR 115E paper cutting machine POLAR 115 TD paper cutting machine PERFECTA 96 paper cutting machine HEIDELBERG ST300 ? V1 binding line, 12,000 bindings/hour HEIDELBERG STAHL TD74 Proline folding machine BE-95 line for individual wrapping of leaflets and magazines, 5,000 units/hour MAILSTEP automatic wrapping machine Foil wrapping machines Backing machine with a calendar and other machines. Since the end of 2000, Integraf s.r.o. has been using the new HEIDELBERG M 600 B24 16-page, 4-colour rotary offset jobbing machine in the B1 format, which can print on advertising materials weighing up to 35-250 g/m2 with a maximum printing speed of 50,000 turns/hour. The AUTOPLATE equipment enables the automatic loading of printing plates, which significantly reduces the non-productive time for machine preparation. We are the only printing plant in the Czech Republic that can unload a paper reel into the B1 format sheet weighing up to 250 g/m2 with an operational speed of 42,000 printing sheets/hour by using PLANO equipment. Transportation Mercedes Benz 412 ? Sprinter van 2.5 t Mercedes Benz 313 Kawa ? Sprinter van 1.7 t Pickup Seat Inca 0.8 t Preparation before printing Complete DTP atelier on both MAC and PC. CTP system since August 2002 ? direct exposure of printing plates from digital data. We offer the following technologies and services: Designs and constructions ? special cardboard Multicolour sheet offset printing, 80 ? 400 g/m2 Multicolour rotary offset printing, 35 ? 250 g/m2 Hexachrome printing technology Surface and partial varnishing with dispersion varnish Varnishing with UV varnish Lamination Embossing? blind blocking Thermoengraving ? plastic print Thermographic printing Printing scratch layers Printing on polymer and PVC materials Manual bookbinding processing of special prints Cut-out Book bindings? sewn, adhesive, Twin wire, Velo bind Backing Direct mail wrapping Design and construction Design and construction of dispensers, hangers, boxes and other items specific for printing production, including recommendation of materials for the specific use of products. Offset printing Posters, etiquettes, catalogues, colour books, publications, magazines, periodicals, calendars, stick-on labels, advertising printed matter, prints on polymer materials up to 0.3 mm thickness, prints on mail envelopes, CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black), mercantile printed matter. Prints on polymer and PVC materials up to 0.35 mm thickness (with the possibility of subsequent vacuum forming - 3D format) Rotary offset printing The Heidelberg M 600 B24 rotary offset printing machine ? 630 x 960 mm, 4/4 colours, PLANO delivery, 2 funnels, Gammerler trimmers. Printing speed of 50,000 sheets/hour, autoplate (preparation for printing within 10 minutes). Surface processing Dispersion varnishing? surface, partial UV varnish ? surface, partial Lamination ? glossy, mate, embossing Scratch layers, heat sensitive inks Thermoengraving ? polymer printing technology up to the A4 format Cut-out Promotional folders, packages, boxes, Eurocut, dispensers, etiquettes, registers, catalogue callipers Backing Stands, billboards, adhesion on polystyrene Bookbinding V1 binding ? sewn, V2 binding ? adhesive up to 40 mm backbone thickness V4, V8 binding? thread stitched (in cooperation) Twin Wire binding?spiral wire binding Velo bind binding? plastic comb binding Letterpress printing Numbering, perforation, embossing, blind blocking, cut-out Manual bookbinding Manual bookbinding work, processing of special prints if machine processing is not possible Pad printing Printing on advertising products, pencils, cigarette lighters, umbrellas, etc. Plastics Production of tags by coating polymers on textiles Direct mail packing Individual product packing (magazines, catalogues, etc.) on an automatic packaging line Company address: Integraf s.r.o. Běloveská 187 547 01 Náchod telephone: 0441/422215 fax: 0441/426843 e-mail: Business offices: Integraf s.r.o. Paří?ská 23 150 01 Praha 1 Integraf s.r.o. is the holder of a ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 quality assurance certificate PRINTING PRODUCTION Number of certificate C-62811 REFERENCE LIST LEO BURNETT Advertising s.r.o. Praha Wiktor Leo Burnett s.r.o. Bratislava GREY Praha LINTAS Praha Young- Rubicam Praha McCann Ericsson Praha Scholz-Friends Praha Mark/BBDO Praha CAC Leasing Praha DDB Praha Dorland Praha Mars Foto Praha QUO Praha Ole Praha Proca Praha HP Publishing s.r.o. Praha Sphere Praha SGD Praha West Media Praha AG BULLDOG, s.r.o. Praha CORPUS, s.r.o. Praha Repro Plus s.r.o. Praha QUELLE Hradec Králové FAB Rychnov n/Kn Radio PROFIL Pardubice

    MIPAP - Micik Karel

    Toppy srl Toppy srl is a leader company in the manufacturing of machines and truck for various uses successfully sold mainly in Europe. Since 1978 Toppy Srl produces stand alone machines and logistical systems for pallets handling. Our equipments are placed to important pharmaceutical and food companies for the pallet replacement in different applications. We kindly invite you to visit our web site just to have an idea of our range of products. Full literature and information could be available upon your request.

    Ing.Lubos Sobotka

    OSVik, spol. s r.o. A representation of british company AUTOBOX Ltd. on the czech and slovak market, offering boxmakers for small and middle size series of corrugated boxes production. Representation of company BFK CO,Ltd., from Korea - automatical or semi-automatical flat bed diecutters for corrugated board - large format.

    ECOFOL, s.r.o.

    CYKLOPACK, spol. s r.o.

    Petruzalek s.r.o. The company Petruzalek is importer and distributor of manual and automatic packaging machines and wide range assortment of packaging materials. It was founded in 1966 in Vienna. Today has branch offices in 11 European countries. In 2003 were all Petruzalek parts bought by Italian production company Sirap-Gema. SIRAP-GEMA is one the biggest producers of polystyrene trays in Europe. That´s why concern Petruzalek can itself mark and sort to leading European producers of plastic materials, available offer to customers wide range of packaging material. From the end of the year 2006 has our group new member, production group Amprica, significat italian producer of plastic products for food.

    Ing.Radomir Lesak The company is engaged in sale, service, production scales and weighing systems. We offer equipment for professional use, which are manufactured with an emphasis on quality and durability of the system operation. Our development center is able to propose the weight or weighing equipment as required.

    DEKOS R, s.r.o.

    EXCOLO s.r.o. Sales of materials, services and devices in packaging. Design and realization of packaging for export, placing and attaching of goods for transport, including expert opinion and training.

    QWEST CZ, s.r.o.


    ipb-baier, s.r.o.

    2LD Plastic s.r.o.

    PouRite Stroje MachinePoint More than 2000 used plastic and beverage machines for sale Offices in Europe, Africa and Asia

    EPK Teknika Co., LTD. Our company is the leading supplier of packaging machines, tools and materials since 1988. EPK Teknika Co., LTD. is the Ukrainian subdivision of Teknika USA Inc. We produce PP, PET, cord and steel strapping tools, PP strapping, seals, edge protectors, food grade PVC stretch (cling) and shrink film and distribute many kinds of packaging machines and materials and the price scales.

    VELS - vaRici elektronicke systemy s.r.o.

    STS Prachatice a.s.

    ZERO a spol, s.r.o.

    UNIPROX, s.r.o.

    IM Uesko, spol. s r.o.

    STAPAK, spol. s r.o.

    AGROTREND spol. s r.o.

    STRAPPING s.r.o

    BALTECH, spol. s r.o.

    BEMA Lanskroun s.r.o.

    R.F. Obaly s.r.o.

    ms packaging Individual and batches packaging into thermoshrinking film. Packaging lines msm-sb designed for individual and batches packaging of alimentary and industrial products into thermoshrink film. assembled from msm-moduls following customers requirement complex solutions of packaging systems binding on production lines packaging feedback to storage management

    ColorCap Czech s.r.o.

    Colognia press a.s.

    FEIFER - kovovýroba, spol. s r.o. At present, the company FEIFER belongs to the leading European producers of strapping and foil wrapping systems. We offer broad assortment from simple hand tools to complex automatic lines, all our customers are provided our free consultations about possibilities of designing their packaging or conveyor systems, we provide guarantee and after guarantee services for all our products, we buy and sell used and repaired wrapping and strapping machines. FIRM ASSORTMENT: hand, pneumatic and electric strapping tools, including accessories, semi-automatic and full-automatic strapping machines, shrink tunnels and foil wrapping machines (semi- or full- automatic), automatic carton sealing machines, pallet stretch wrapping machines, conveyor systems (gradient or with gear), polypropylene straps, polyester textile straps, polyester welding straps, self adhesive tapes, steel seals, steel and plastic buckles, metal processing on customer´s demand and special one-purpose machines. In case of further questions please contact us on above mentioned telephone numbers or visit our web site ( We look forward to you!!!

    LIPED s.r.o. Wholesale with sheathing materials - packing-papers - polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE) - polypropylene (PP)

    Pomlenyi -

    FUJI ROBOTICS EUROPE World-leading Palletizing Robot Manufacturer in terms of the number of robot installed worldwide. High capacity, high durability, and most energy-saving robot in the industry

    MANUTAN s.r.o.

    BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH D Co. KG

    ALDA TRADE, s.r.o. - obalove materialy a obalova technika

    PENTA - SERVIS, spol. s r.o.

    Marian Focko Naša firma podniká na Slovenskom trhu už od roku 1995. Zaoberáme sa zákazkovou výrobou strojov a zariadení pre spracovanie fólie.


    Eracom spol.s r.o.

    Triapex s.r.o. The company Triapex was established in 1996 and since than has become the leading producer of multilane packaging machines. The company is run by three owners who are specialists in packaging technology. Our production programme contains many types of single and multilane vertical form fill and seal machines, weighing, volumetric, worm and liquid dosers. Furthermore a wide range of accessories like conveyers, printers, platforms etc. Our machines are fully suitable for packaging food in a range of 2 grams to 2 kilograms such as dried fruits, nuts, sweets, coffee, dried legumes, grains, sugars, liquid and gel products. We are able to configurate the machines according to the clients? requirements. The 35 employees are able to meet the demands of the European market.

    Josef Parenica

    KPM CARE s.r.o.

    Anopack s.r.o.

    TETRA PAK Slovensko,a.s.

    MIRO PLAST Cizek, s.r.o.

    APPEC ASTRO, spol. s r.o.

    ABALEX, s.r.o.

    ERA - PACK, s.r.o. Producer of wrapping machines and supplier of packaging materials

    RIKO, s.r.o.

    VELTEKO, s.r.o.


    PRODUCT CZ, s.r.o. We are producer of Cup and Tube Filling and Sealing Machines, Semiautomatical Filling Machines, Special Packaging Machines, Service and Repairs of Packaging Machines Production of Tanks und containers

    Papcel Used Machinery


    IKAfol s.r.o.

    Level Pro a.s.

    THL Group s.r.o.

    DAS spol. s r.o.

    R - Global



    potisk pasek s.r.o. Company "potisk pásek s.r.o.", is specialized in printing on self-adhesive tapes and demarkate tapes (non-adhesive).

    NOVUM INDUSTRY, s.r.o.

    Vohringer engineering We are the the manufacturerers of the PET bottle blowing machinery and the filling lines. Our production programme: * PET Stretch-Blow Moulding System up to 2 or 10 Liter - Packing for Trend-Products, Events & Promotions * Production-Line for Cans and Boxes * Fillmaschine * PET Bottle Truck


    PetruRalek s.r.o., Slovensko

    Frantisek Seidl - Wolf

    STARPACK s.r.o. The Starpack, spol. s r. o. company was established in 2000. Our company found an equal position in a hard competition of packaging machine manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, it overcame the initial mistrust of the market and built needed grounds. It gradually found space at the domestic and the Western-European market after a faint start. It currently also works at traditional Eastern-European markets. The basis of the business strategy of the company is an orientation on production of machines with high reliability, that is machines for a demanding customer. The line was later expanded by machines also for lower outputs in an economic variant, however, the level of reliability was preserved. The company chose the concept of a robust structure of the machine to achieve the stated goals while using sophisticated control systems and modern servo-drives. In the long term, we orient on development of drives of mechanisms which we apply in our machines then. The high reliability of our machines in operation at customers allows us to provide a three-years guarantee for all our new machines and accessories as a standard part of business conditions.

    AMTECO, spol. s r.o. Company AMTECO Ltd. come into being as a consolidation of several firm in the year 1992. Main bearing activities are delivery of machinery and compact technologic nodal point for industrial weighing, charging and pneumatic transport of loose material, with cut-down air consumption. By default are machinery equipt by sensors and control electronics, which are one's own construction and manufacturing. Single elements are variable and their adaptations can be possible along the wishes of consumer and machinery can be equiped with alternative, familiarly used element and systems. Company has project and constructional capacities including evolutionary workroom for electronic systems and special machinery. Firm dispose of specialist from different industrial branch since specialist for development electronic system, special machine, building material and construction till up fire judge construction. This occupation allows, along realization order's, carry on overall analysis solving operational problems from more standpoint. On behalf of questionable places productions are then proposed optimal solution, make up project documentation, and order is realized by forms on key.

    Bohdan Mamula


    EKOBAL, s.r.o. The company is specialized in the sale of materials and equipment for pallet and group wrapping of the goods.

    GRIFIT s.r.o.

    Omega plast, s.r.o. Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to the company Omegaplast s.r.o. We produce packaging materials mainly for the Czech market with a general emphases on LDPE foils and products made from it. These are sacks, bags, shrinking palette-wrapping sacks, trims and other products. Another substantial part of our production make products from foam polyethylene and bubble foil. Our assortment is supplemented by a complete supply of wrapping and binding tapes including accessories, a manual as well as a machine stretch. Due to the fact that Omegaplast s.r.o. has since 2001 extended the capacity of its production, we would like to enter into business contact with your company. In case of your interest we shall mail you a complete offer in printed or digital form, there you will find all information on our company, including terms of delivery and payment. You can send your enquiry by mail, fax or by e-mail. The calculation will be carried out within 24 hours for you. Looking for the future co-operation With kindest regards Benedikt Kratschmer, manager of the company (mobile phone number 0042060358078)

    BALPACK s.r.o.

    BELTECH s.r.o. conveyr belts

    KROSS, s.r.o.

    VP Bohemia, s. r. o.

    MAGNUM - NORD s.r.o.

    Ing. Dusan Tripal - TRIPET


    AGROKOMPLET 2000 spol. s r.o.

    G-PORT, s.r.o.

    Jet Service, s.r.o. bag in box systems

    DATEM,spol.s r.o.

    JDB Josef BlaRek

    AMPI, spol. s r.o.

    SKLOSTROJ Turnov CZ, s.r.o. Czech engineering company manufacturing mainly machines for glass containers production Supplier of the complete lines for glass containers production and whole glassworks operations. Producer of shrinking foil wrapping machines and small hydraulic presses

    V+L-MAIS Zlin, sdruReni

    Tetra Pak Ueska republika s.r.o. Tetra Pak is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of systems for processing, packaging and distribution of liquid food products.




    PLASTIKA,a.s. Nitra

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